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7 Nights & 8 Days Journey to Buddhist Pilgrims


A Journey to Buddhist Pilgrims    

                7 Nights & 8 Days in Buddhist Sector


Patna – Bodhgaya – Rajgir – Nalanda – Kesariya – Vaishali – Kushinagar – Lumbini – Sravasti – Varanasi.

Day 1st


Proceeding to Bodhgaya in the morning, in the Bodhgaya Firstly we get the hotel and after relaxing we will move to visit to the holiest of spots of Buddhism, as it was here the Bodhi tree that Gautama, Prince of Kapilvastu, attained Nirvana and became the Buddha, the enlightened one. The tree that stands today believes to have grown the original one under which Lord Buddha meditated. Visit the Mahabodhi temple, which is in the complex surrounded by relics of the jataka tales immortalizing stores of the blessed ones life and his previous incarnations, monasteries and shrines, which are offering of devotees from Japan, Thailand, Burma, China, Tibet and Sri Lanka.

After spending some spiritual moment we move back to our hotel. One night stand in Bodhgaya.

Picture of Bodhgaya

Day 2nd


Departure to Rajgir in the morning after breakfast.Rajgir is an important Buddhist pilgrimage site since the Buddha spent 12 years here, and the first Buddhist council after the Buddha was hosted here at the Saptaparni caves. At Rajgir the first Buddhist council was convened at the Saptaparni cave, immediately after the Mahaparinirvana

Of the lord Buddha. Here you will see the site of the monastery, Venuvana Vihar – build by the king Bimbisara as an offering to the Buddha, Karanda Tank where the Buddha used to bath. Halfway up the Gridhakuta hill are the ruins of an ancient stupa.

Overnight at Rajgir hotel.

Picture of Rajgir

Day 3rd


In the morning check out to Nalanda after breakfast. Nalanda is the site of Buddhist University of great repute which came up much after Buddha passed into Mahaparinirvana. The ruins reflect the architectural style of three famous periods in Indian history, the Mauryas, the Guptas and the pala periods. There undamaged statues of the Buddha, a collection of Buddhist bronze and coins.

After spending a full day in Rajgir we will come down to Patna at night. We will take stay in Patna at night.

Picture of Nalanda

Day 4th


Morning drive to Vaishali after breakfast there are two stupas in Vaishali, which, according to Buddhist literature, enshrined Lord Buddha’s ashes. Like Rajgir, Vaishali is also important for Buddhism.

After visit Vaishali our journeys turn to Kesariya. Kesariya region serves as the place of the largest Buddhist stupa in the world. Kesariya region has a rich heritage of the Buddhist architecture of the ancient times, with Kesaria stupa being the highlight. Discovered in 1998, the stupa is believed to date back to somewhere between 200 AD and 750 AD. Interestingly, Kesariya stupa is believed to have been built to honor the place where Lord Buddha had spent the last days of his journey, before attaining Nirvana. It is said that Lord Buddha handed over his begging bowl to the Lichhivis, people of Vaishali and requested them to go back to Vaishali, after his death.

Our journeys take his break in Kesariya (Motihari) this night.

Picture of Vaishali                                                     Picture of Kesariya

Day 5th


Today our journey of Kushinagar will starts after breakfast. Japanese Temple is one of the most beautiful temples in Kushinagar. A magnificent 'Ashta Dhatu' or 'Eight Metals' statue of Lord Buddha marks this temple. This statue has been brought from Japan in dismantled form and was later joined before it was established in this temple. Accept Japanese temple, Watt Thai Temple is only one of its kinds not only in Kushinagar but also in whole of Indian Sub-continent. Chinese Temple is another fairly frequented

Tourist destination in Kushinagar. The temple is famous for its distinct architecture that puts it away from the numerous Buddhist Temples in Kushinagar. The exteriors of the temple have a subtle fusion of Chinese and Vietnamese architecture. A beautiful statue Of Chinese Buddha marks the temple that attracts thousands of devotees as well as casual visitors every year.

We take break our journey in kushinagar at night in the hotel.

Picture of Kushinagar

Day 6th


We will drive to Lumbini (Nepal) after complete visa formalities and cross over Indo – Nepal border. Arrive and check-in to the hotel. This is the birth place of Lord Buddha,

A Royal and heir to the throne of the Kingdom of the Kapilvastu. At the time of his birth his mother was en-route to her parent’s home but she gave birth at Lumbini, which was meant to be just a resting place for the night. Here there are still exist a small pond where the queen bathed her newborn child, and it is believed that 7-lotus flower blossomed and these he took seven steps. A large stone pillar that is said to be erected by the Mauryan emperor Ashoka in 250 BC bears an inscription about the birth of the Buddha. The most important attraction of Lumbini is the holy temple of Maya Devi. The temple has a stone sculpture of Maya Devi in labor pain. Kapilvastu, near Lumbini, is a prime archeological site. Though very little remains of what was once a flourishing town, the place is a must visit. The place has the ruins of the palace where Lord Buddha spent his formative years.

We will stay in Lumbini at night.

Picture of Lumbini                                    Picture of Kapilvastu

Day 7th


Early morning drive to Shravasti (India) after breakfast. Sravasti is an important historical and religious attraction in Uttar Pradesh. The place has for long been attached to Lord Buddha and his times. It is said that Lord Buddha spent 25 years living in the monastery of Jetavana that is situated in Sravasti. It is at Sravasti only where Lord Buddha is supposed to have astonished rival teachers by performing miracles.

After spending a full day in shravasti we will move to Balrampur for get our hotel.

We take our last night of our journey in Balrampur.

Picture of Shravasti

 Day 8th


Drive to Varanasi in the morning after breakfast. We will reach to Varanasi at evening.

Sarnath along with Lumbini, Gaya and Kushinagar forms the Buddhist Quadrilateral in the Indian Sub-Continent. These places are in a way related to the life, times and the philosophy of Lord Buddha. Lumbini is the place where Lord Buddha got birth and Gaya marks the place where he got enlightened. While Sarnath and Kushinagar are the places where Lord Buddha gave his first sermon and attained Nirvana respectively.

After visit to Sarnath we will see off you at Varanasi Airport/Railway station.

Our Buddhist pilgrim tour will be over in Varanasi.

Picture of Varanasi.



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