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3 Days & 2 Nights in Bodhgaya , Rajgir ,Pawapuri & Nalanda



   A Darshan to Ancient Bihar

                          3 Days & 2 Nights in Bodhgaya , Rajgir ,Pawapuri & Nalanda.


          Departure from Patna to Bodhgya In early morning

          After arrival in Bodhgya, We will move to the holy

          Buddha temple after a little refreshment.

          We will also visit to the holy tree that is an evidence of Lord Buddha

          Enlightened Place.       

          The environment of Bodhgaya temple creates spiritual feelings.

          We will spend our first night in this holy spiritual budhha city.

          Visiting places in gaya :

         √   The Bodhi tree, under which Buddha have found the answers he was seeking after a long and hard


            √     Mahabodhi Temple

                 Several Buddhists temples and monasteries have been built by the people from China, Nepal, Sri

                    Lanka, Myanmar, Bhutan, Vietnam, Tibet, Japan and Thailand around the Mahabodhi Mahavihara

                    Temple complex. The Chinese temple has a 200 year old statue of Buddha. The Japanese and

                     Burmese temple is shaped like a pagoda and the Thai Temple has a fantastic bronze state of the


                  Vishnupad mandir.


                     Picture collections of Bodhgaya

The Ancient Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya Giant Statue of Buddha


           Now you are in the historical and most adventures destination of Bihar.

          After a healthy breakfast we take you to the Rajgir’s most adventurous


          Nalanda is surrounding by a series of mountains. That creates a

          Beautiful and adventurous environment around the city.

            Visible  places  in  Rajgir

        √   Ajatashatru's Fort: Ajatashatru, the king of ancient Magadha is believed to have ruled from this

              fort for long. Inside is the Ajatashatru's Stupa.

        √   Swarna Bhandar: This is believed to be the king Bimbisara treasury - a cave chamber hollowed

               out of a single massive rock. According to folklores the treasure is still intact.

         √   Jain Temples: 26 Jain temples lie on the hilltops around Rajgir. It takes a hard trekking to reach

               the site. But for far, one can get a commanding view too.

         √   Archaic monuments literally dot over the land of Rajgir. Some other tourist attractions are:

                Pippala Cave, Hot Springs at the foot of the Vaibhava Hill and so on.

         √    You can enjoy a world class rope way in Rajgir


Vishwa shanti stupa    Rajgir Rope way



          Welcome to Pawapuri.

          A place where all sins end for a devout Jain. Lord Mahavira, the final

          Tirthankar and founder of

          Jainism, had his last breath at this place and was cremated here around

     500 B.C.

     Visible things in Pawapuri

     Jal Mandir A marble temple, the Jalmandir, was built in the middle of the tank, and is now a major pilgrimage spot for Jains.

  √   Samosharan It is believed that Lord Mahavir, the last and 24th Tirthankar of the Jain religion, had delivered a sermon here. Thousands of pilgrims from far and near throng here to offer their prayers. Samosharan is close to Jalmandir, another Jain Temple situated in the middle of a lotus tank.       

Jal Mandir Pawapuri

 Jain Temple

   After spend our few hours in holy jain city Pawapuri we will move to the Oldest  Ancient

     University of the world. We proceed to Nalanda at the same day.

   Visible places in Nalanda

√   Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall:
   This hall is believed to have been erected in memory of the famous Chinese scholarwho

    Reportedly stayed here for 12 years as part of his tour of India in the 7th century AD.                                  

    Whatever the purpose of this hall was, it is a reminder of the grandeur of the Nalanda


√    Surya Temple:
    This temple is dedicated to the Sun God, greatly revered since the Vedic ages in India.

     It is an important and interesting spot in Nalanda, and is considered among the major

     Nalanda tourist attractions. A five feet high statue of Goddess Parvati is the chief attraction

     of the temple, in addition to some beautiful statues of Buddhist and Hindu deities.

√    Stupa of Sariputta:
     This is one of the most noticeable structures among the ruins. Sariputta was one of the

     Most prominent disciples of Buddha and became a celebrated Arhat, believed to have

     Attained salvation. 

Nalanda University  

  Nalanda surya mandir


  As the sun down in the west our ancient Darshan will also come to his

          Last step  We will move back to Patna in the evening with a lot of

          Unforgettable memories.  



                                                                                                              BIHAR DARSHAN

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